13 June 2023

Off-flavours: 3rd network training workshop

the rasopta group

The RASOPTA Network met in May for the 3rd training workshop under the heading “off-flavours in fish and how do we work with that”. The venue was the Fraunhofer Institute IVV in Freising, Bavaria, Germany. The programme was packed with lectures, workshops and master classes – all super relevant and of very high quality to the 32 participants.

The workshop was organized by the team in Fraunhofer, FAU and LAZBW. The teams are in various  locations, making it possible for a change of scene during the week. The lectures and classes were a suitable mix between practical and theoretical sessions, challenging the participants in various ways.  

Jonathan and sensory testThe mini-courses, masterclasses and workshops covered a variety of topics; “From research to product”, “From fish farm to market”; “Detection of off-flavours – instrument and sensory analysis”; data handling and analysis; how to present and communicate your results; where to publish; and how to interact with the media.

Matteo presenting

The programme  also included discussions between ESRs and their supervisors, and the ESRs were given opportunity to talk privately with the coordinators if they wished.

Despite the tight schedule there was time to meet for nice meals and enjoy traditional Bavarian cooking, even a break at the beach when visiting LAZBW at the shores of Bodensee.

An event very well planned with thanks to Mariana, Andrea, Eva, Helene, Matteo and Jonathan, Sara and Mark.