6 July 2023

Conference: Aquaculture Europe 2023


RASOPTA will be strongly represented at the Aquaculture Europe conference (https://aquaeas.org/) taking place on 18-21 September in Vienna. At the conference we expect five-six ESRs to present their work.

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RASOPTA will be strongly represented at the Aquaculture Europe conference (https://aquaeas.org/) taking place from 18 to 21 September 2023 in Vienna, Austria. At this conference we expect 5 or 6 of our ESRs to present their work.

But it does not end here. After the conference, on Friday, 22 September we will have a separate ITN/ESR networking day, also in Vienna. we have joined forces with 2 other ITN projects represented at the conference, for a separate session with scientific group work and discussions.  The two other ITN projects are: EATFISH https://eatfish-msc.com/ with 15 ESRs and EASYTRAIN https://www.um.es/easytrain/index.html with 6 ESRs.

 The session on Friday is open not only to ESR’s – but also to supervisors and industry representatives involved in the projects. There will be no conference fees, but some limited costs for rental of venue and catering, which we expect to be covered by the project management budgets. If any of you would like to join the networking session – please let us know, and we will include you in the mailing list for updating of program, venue etc.  

The subjects/group work sessions for the ESRs of the joint day are

  1. Water Quality/Recycling
  2. Off Flavors/Contaminants
  3. Fish Health/Welfare
  4. Sustainable/Functional Feeds
  5. Market Aspects
  6. Social Aspects
  7. Breeding. For non-ESRs we will suggest round-table discussions on relevant topics such as future funding, collaborations etc.

The idea is to repeat this networking event in 2024, when the AE-conference is to be held in Copenhagen and where hopefully all 12 RASOPTA ESRs will be able to attend.